Teaching Statement

I teach classes where students develop skills in software and storytelling for screen-based and time-based media. While each course may differ in its techniques and tools, more broadly, my courses teach the fundamentals of visual communication, broadening each student's visual literacy.

In my courses, I incorporate case studies based on my own experience with actual clients and projects, based on my years of professional experience in video content production, motion graphic animation and web development. These "tales from the field" make the ideas of the classroom more concrete and transferrable.

My courses center around the production of a portfolio of work. The quality and contents of this portfolio are further developed by both instructor feedback and frequent peer critiques. Peer critiques raise the stakes for student work, encouraging risk-taking, experimentation and dedication to vision. They also leads to the formation of personal creative aesthetics, as each student must practice articulating their individual reasonings for intuitive stylistic preferences.

Introduction to Digital Storytelling

Students learn how to shoot and edit short interview videos using Sony camcorders and Adobe Premiere, research and design an infographic using Adobe Illustrator, and build a portfolio website in Wordpress. This is a required course for students majoring in Media and Journalism. Taught at the School of Media & Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill in Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Summer 2018

Introduction to Interactive Media

Students are introduced to the concentration in interactive media development. Students learn how to prototype user experiences for web and mobile devices, build responsive websites in HTML and CSS, and employ responsive frameworks like Bootstrap. Taught at the School of Media & Journalism at the UNC-Chapel Hill in Spring 2017, Summer 2017 (online), Summer 2018 (online)

Intermediate Interactive Media

Students build on skills in web-based media, learning advanced CSS, Javascript and jQuery, and templating engines. In development for the School of Media & Journalism at the UNC-Chapel Hill in Fall 2019.

Motion Graphics in Film and Video

Students are introduced to Adobe After Effects software and techniques in animation. In development for the Arts of the Moving Image at the Duke University in Summer 2019.

Professional Problems and Ethics

Students analyze and discuss ethical case studies in the fields of journalism, advertising and public relations. Taught at the School of Media & Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill in Spring 2017

Teaching Assistantships

Taught as a graduate student at Duke University

  • Digital Documentary Photography with Susie Post-Rust
  • Arts of the Moving Image Capstone with Bill Seaman
  • Introduction to Documentary Studies with Chris Sims
  • Building Duke Research Seminar with Dr. Sara Galletti and Hannah Jacobs