Adjunct Instructor

Introduction to Digital Storytelling

School of Media & Journalism, UNC-Chapel Hill

20 student skills class covering three units in web and graphic design: Building an HTML / CSS site from scratch; Building a portfolio site in Wordpress; and Designing an infographic in Adobe Illustrator. This is a required class for MEJO majors, and there are no prerequisites.

Taught in Fall 2017, Spring 2018; Will teach in Summer 2018, Fall 2018

Introduction to Interactive Media

School of Media & Journalism, UNC-Chapel Hill

A 20 student skills class introducing students to the interactive media concentration. Students learn skills in web design and development, principles of user experience and design, prototyping software, and critical thinking.

Taught in Spring 2017, online in Summer 2017; Will teach online class in Summer 2018

Professional Problems and Ethics

School of Media & Journalism, UNC-Chapel Hill

50 student discussion and lecture class covering ethical case studies related to communication professions.

Taught in Spring 2017

Teaching Assistantships

AMI & AAHVS Capstone Course

Arts of the Moving Image, Duke University

Capstone project course for seniors in the Arts of the Moving Image and Art, Art History and Visual Studies departments. Led series of "documentation workshops" covering skills in portfolio development, web design and development, graphic and publication design, and editing video.

Assisted Professor Bill Seaman in Spring 2018

Digital Documentary Photo

Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University

Introductory course in digital documentary photography with SLRs. Service learning component where students completed projects documenting the lifestyle of a local public high school. Led workshops in editing photo slideshows for video, and photojournalism ethics.

Assisted Professor Susie Post-Rust in Fall 2017